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Ten Common Things You Need to Fix When Buying a Home

October 8, 2018

Whether you’re buying a home that fits into a historical category or one that’s been constructed during your lifetime, it is important to understand that repairs are all a part of making this purchase. As expected, older homes usually bring the need for more repairs, but this isn’t true for every situation and isn’t a good rule of thumb to follow when buying.

Instead, prepare yourself with the knowledge of the most common repairs buyers face after they’ve signed on the dotted line of the home loan mortgage.  Learn some of the most common repairs you might find yourself making after buying a home.

10 Things to Fix When Buying a Home

Fixing Older Windows

Old, outdated windows devalue a home, diminishing its appearance and adding excess costs to heating and energy figures. Improperly sealed windows allow drafts to create uncomfortable conditions inside of the home in addition to piling-on the added costs. Cracks, discolorations, chips, and missing wood are common issues you’ll notice upon inspection of the windows.

top ten home repairs

Replacing the windows of the home improves its overall appearance and energy-efficiency, adding to curb appeal and operating cost reductions that you need and deserve. Costs of new windows vary and there are several factors that impact that amount.

This includes the number of windows purchased, the place of purchase, company chosen for purchase and window materials. Look for windows featuring the Energy Star label to get high-quality, energy-efficient windows that outlast the competition.

Dealing with Termites

More than $5 billion in termite damage is discovered in homes throughout the country every year.  They feed on the cellulose inside of wood and your home serves them a tasty meal. It takes the tiny insects a period of just two years to destroy your home if you aren’t monitoring your home for their presence.

Professional inspections are available, but you can look for signs of them around the home yourself as well. Discarded wings, mud tubes, and swarms of termites are among the most common signs of an infestation. Don’t let termites destroy perhaps your most valuable investment.

Painting Your Rooms

You can hire professionals or you can get out the paint brushes and overalls and DIY, but go ahead and add painting the exterior walls of the home to the list of repairs that you’ll make when buying a house. Chipped, damaged paint or old, outdated colors are often one of the first changes that a new homeowner makes. Plan accordingly and begin choosing your new colors and designs upon closing.

Taking Care of Mold/Mildew Damage

Mold and mildew breed in moist and/or damp conditions. The bathroom and basement are two of the most common areas of the home for their growth. Mold and mildew leave behind musty odors and can cause a significant number of health concerns, especially for people suffering from asthma, the elderly, and children. If you discover mold, hire a professional for mitigation.

Repairing Your Roof

Sadly, the roof is frequently neglected before noticeable damage has occurred. It shouldn’t be neglected, however, because it is one of the most important components of the home, protecting it from various elements.

Common House Repairs

Missing shingles, ice dams, rotting wood and an assortment of other roofing issues should be promptly repaired upon discovery. Roofing issues can extend into the home and lead to significant repair costs.

Updating the Heating/Cooling System

Malfunctioning heating and cooling systems are also common issues that many people experience once they’ve purchased a house. There is a myriad of different issues that can cause the system to malfunction, some simple and affordable to repair, but others a major headache and expense.  

Always hire a professional to diagnose any concerns that you have with the heating and cooling unit. Consider updating an older system to enjoy more efficient airflow throughout the home.

Disposing of Hazardous Material

More commonly a problem in older homes, hazardous materials such as lead-based paint or asbestos can lead to devastating consequences if prompt repairs are not made. They can cause cancer and a variety of health symptoms and concerns.

In an ideal situation, a lead-based paint or asbestos removal company will come to the inspect the property and remedy the problem with proven solutions. Prepare to sign an affirmation attesting to the potential risks of these hazardous materials if the home was built pre-1978.

Fixing Your Plumbing

Be it a leak or a major problem like the need for an entirely new septic system, plumbing is sometimes a concern when buying a home. You should look for signs of plumbing trouble before buying a home. It is usually a part of the pre-buying home inspection so make sure that you hire a licensed home inspector to evaluate the property before you invest your cash.

This professional will detect any and all plumbing issues (as well as many others) and alert you to the need for a repair.

Working with Foundation Problems

Cracks in the walls, doors that are difficult to open or close, and uneven walls are a few of the many signs that indicate trouble with the home’s foundation. Since this includes the structural components of the home, learning that a house has foundation damage can be distressing, but certainly must be repaired quickly to avoid further devastation.

common repairs when buying a home

The costs of foundation repairs vary considerably – simple repairs cost only a few hundred dollars while a more serious issue can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Find Your Dream Home Today

It is a good idea to hire a home inspector to provide a professional inspection of a property that you are seriously considering purchasing before finalizing that decision. Although a home inspector doesn’t repair damage to a home, they do identify troubles, such as those listed above, making it easy for you to decide if a property is worth the price or if you should negotiate a better deal.

Professional home inspections can save you considerable money and heartache and may even be required before a mortgage lender will approve you for a loan. When the final report is provided, read over the list of problems and get in touch with experts who can resolve them before they turn into even worse issues that cost more money to repair.

Of course, if you purchase one of our beautiful beachfront properties, those minor repairs are of little concern. Get in touch today and find your new home.

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