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Our Complete Guide to Hilton Head Island: Sea Pines

May 31, 2018

Relocating is always a big deal, but when your new life brings you to Hilton Head Island, there is added anticipation and excitement. What could be better than starting a life that allows the luxuries of beach life, a joy that thousands of vacationers come to the island to enjoy every year, every single day?

The island has an abundance of coastal homes that sit within feet of the gorgeous beaches and those sitting near lagoons and in town. Each property on Hilton Head Island offers its own unique characteristics and qualities. Before investing in a Hilton Head property, it is essential that you compare the neighborhoods and properties to find the perfect place to call your own.

What to Expect from Our Guide

Sea Pines is one of Hilton Head Island’s most desirable communities. Several neighborhoods and properties exist within the Sea Pines community. As one of the most desirable communities on Hilton Head Island, familiarizing yourself with the properties for sale can put you one step closer to finding the perfect place to call home.

Inside this guide, you’ll learn more about one specific type of property available in the Sea Pines community – villas – which is the equivalent of ‘condominium’ in the Hilton Head real estate market. Many people prefer to buy villas over single-family homes because they’re cost-friendly and offer amenities of the single-family home.

sea pines guide

When you complete this guide, you’ll have a plethora of information concerning each of the unique villas that have properties for sale. You’ll learn more about each unique villa and learn what makes it unique. You’ll have the answers to all of the questions that you really want and need to know before deciding if you want to buy a villa on Hilton Head Island.

Our goal is to provide every buyer with the right information about the island and the great villas located in the Sea Pines community.

How This Guide is Different from Others

This guide is different from many other Hilton Head neighborhood guides because we’ve taken the time to separate each accommodation style. This guide provides insight into the villas for sale in the Sea Pines community.

Why waste time browsing single-family houses for sale when you want to buy a villa? This guide provides details and insight into each villa in the area, helping you learn the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Ultimately, the information in this guide makes it easy to decipher the various villas and neighborhoods in Sea Pines so you can easily find the perfect place to call our own. With the information obtained from this guide, it is easy to find the perfect place to ‘fit in’ right where you belong.

The Sections of the Sea Pines Guide

Each section of this guide is designed to provide you with important information about Hilton Head Island and the Sea Pines villa properties currently for sale. The sections are divided for easy reference, each discussing in great detail that particular property. Find each property listed in red for easy access.

guide to sea pines on hilton head island

You’ll learn the highlights of the property, the downsides, and more about the amenities and costs. You’ll learn the pros of buying property and even learn who the property is best suited for. We want you to have the important information that makes a Hilton Head Island relocation simple.

You have better things to do than worry and wonder if you bought the right property. This guide alleviates those worries and ensures that you’re confident in your property purchase from the very start. It is easy-to-reference information so you can come back and read it later on once you have learned more about the properties, further easing the home buying process.

Part One: Welcome to Hilton Head Island

Lying on the southwestern-most corner of the U.S. state of South Carolina, Hilton Head Island is a coastal paradise spawning 12-miles of gorgeous Atlantic Ocean coastline. Simply setting foot on the island causes your worries to slip away and a life of simple, sweet pleasures instantly becomes your reality.

Aside from the sandy beaches and plethora of water adventures offered on the island, residents enjoy great outdoor land activities such as golf, hiking, biking, art, dining, and more. Hilton Head Island has life’s pleasures rolled into one magical place that you’ll love to call your own. It is easy to get lost in the majesty of Hilton Head Island. As a homeowner, this is your life, and it’s one that so many would envy.

The Pros of Hilton Head Island

More than 2.6 million people travel to Hilton Head Island annually. Each person who visits the island has their own agenda in mind, but they all share one common desire and that’s the need to enjoy peaceful rest and relaxation and amenities that bring out the best that life offers. As a Hilton Head Island homeowner, the joys of the island are yours to embrace all year long. You’ll discover a world that some see only a few days of the year.

living on HHI

Some of the many benefits of becoming a Hilton Head property owner include that the island is a planned eco-friendly community -the first of its kind in the U.S. There are also a variety of properties are available for purchase. There are wonderful vacation homes that you can enjoy when the weather is frightful in your hometown; properties that you can rent to earn a nice income, and homes you’ll love to spend your retirement enjoying.

Facts About Hilton Head Island

When you relocate to Hilton Head Island, do so with the knowledge that impresses the locals. A few interesting facts about the island include that approximately 39,000 people live on Hilton Head Island year-round. There are 24 world-class golf courses exist on Hilton Head Island, with 18 of them open to the public. This includes the popular Harbour Town Golf Links course located in the globally-acclaimed Sea Pines Plantation.

Hilton Head Island is home to six marinas, 300+ tennis courts, and more than 200 different shops and boutiques. It also has more than 250 restaurants, many catering a seafood menu. Two airports serve Hilton Head Island. Those airports are the Hilton Head Airport and the Hilton Head/Savannah International Airport, situated 45-miles from the island.  Two more International Airports are within little more than two hours drive at Charleston, SC and Jacksonville, Fl and the major hubs at Charlotte, NC is four hours and Atlanta, GA five hours.

Part Two: Living on Sea Pines in HHI

Charles E. Fraser and Joseph B. Fraser Jr. created the community now called Sea Pines Plantation in 1957. Along with their father, the brothers built the Sea Pines Plantation to 5,200-acres of developed land. Although the community more officially dropped ‘Plantation’ from its name in 2005, it still remains a place of grandeur and splendour that anyone seeking a great property to purchase will appreciate.

living on sea pines

It is one of the oldest communities on Hilton Head and has all of the excitement one anticipates living near the Atlantic Ocean, as well as those unanticipated thrills. Many tourists choose the Sea Pines community for their lodging needs but just as many people look here first when they seek to purchase real estate on Hilton Head Island.

The gated community is situated on the south end of the island and is the location of four golf courses. This includes the Harbour Town Chain Links course, which holds the RBC Heritage Classic golf tournament each year. Property in the Sea Pines community is pricier than homes in some of the other communities, averaging a price tag of $649,579.

The Pros of Sea Pines on HHI

Every moment of your life as a Sea Pines resident is one worth remembering. A picturesque background of both wooded nature and extravagant beaches provide the perfect photo opp in any time or day of the week, while friendly neighbors remind you that the heart of the south is one that enhances the glory of coastal living.

what is sea pines hhi


When you buy Sea Pines real estate, you’ll be a part of the Hilton Head history, owner of a desirable property that you can use as a vacation rental, for your year-round retirement, or as the new part-time or permanent residence for your family.

There’s plenty to enjoy while in the Sea Pines, whether you want to go out for a ride on the boat, shop, golf, or participate in other unforgettable adventures. Sea Pines is the perfect community for people who enjoy the laid-back life, yet still, have plenty of energy left that allows them the opportunity to enjoy the many unique pleasures that life has to offer.

Living in Sea Pines

As a Sea Pines resident, you’ll live in a prime location between the Calibogue Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, putting you on the forefront of panoramic scenery day in and day out. There’s a variety of entertainment options for Sea Pines residents, whether you want to spend the day at the beach or want to experience other types of fun.

It’s a great place to enjoy the cool, refreshing waters and the sandy white beaches or to host a birthday party since shelters and a picnic area is available. Travel a bit further down the road and you’ll arrive at South Beach, a popular beach for tourists and people who want to shop at the boutiques lining the streets.

sea pines complete guide

For families, three schools provide children with a well-rounded education, including the Sea Pines Montessori School, Hilton Head Preparatory School, and Heritage Academy. A variety of lush single-family homes are scattered about the Sea Pines community, many offering four-bedroom and larger accommodations. Check out the unique neighborhoods to learn the amenities that each offers.

Part 3: The Villas of Sea Pines

Villas are one type of property available for purchase on Hilton Head Island. Many people purchase villas because they’re cozy and quaint, yet still, offer the right amount of space for comfortable living.

Villas are offered both beachfront and off the beach, with many sizes and styles of property available to accommodate every buyer’s needs. Sea Pines is home to many great villas that offer the luxuries of life on Hilton Head Island at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a single-family home.

If you are searching for a property that helps you create the perfect home life, a great investment property, or a vacation home, one of the villas will accommodate your every need. The 18 villa complexes below offer Hilton Head Island living at its very best.

Barnyard Cove Club Villas

Consider yourself lucky if you become the owner of Barnyard Cove Club Villas. Many consider the villas to be some of the island’s most immaculate, and as the owner, you’ll have the opportunity to discover that firsthand.

One look at the property alerts you to the immaculate home you’ve found. Inside out, Barnyard Cove Club Villas have something magical to offer each and every person who steps foot near the home. Immaculate, modern styled villas covered in moss amidst a serene setting ensure every day offers a new, exciting adventure that fills your life with those simple pleasures that mean so much. Villas are extremely spacious with open floor plans that simplify the home decor process.

living on sea pines hilton head

Three and four-bedroom villas offer 1,500 to 3,587-square-foot of space, perfect for large groups and small families alike. The size unit you choose affects the price, but most buyers agree that added costs are a small price to pay for all of the extra space!

You can look but you won’t find many choices that offer such space! Flats and two-story villas offer a private entrance, patio overlooking the water, a fireplace, and a deck. Each villa then separates itself from the next by providing extra amenities, such as private, heated swimming pools or gourmet kitchens and walk-in showers.

Features of the Barnyard Cove Neighborhood

Situated on quiet, tree-lined streets, Barnyard Cove is a neighborhood that is quite versatile. You’ll find a mixture of homeowners raising their families, retirees who’ve come to live out their golden years in harmony, and tourists who have waited all year long to experience Hilton Head Island.

The close-knit community has friendly, helpful neighbors, great schools, and an abundance of activities offered within the gated area. You can find tons of additional activities conveniently located within a 10-minute walk of your neighborhood.

Take the bike paths to South Beach and arrive in just five minutes. The marina, the plantation, the beach club, and Harbour Town are also within close proximity to Barnyard Cove, so when you feel like venturing out there is always a great destination awaiting your arrival.

Residents of the Cove have two swimming pools to enjoy their water fun when they simply cannot fathom another trip to the crowded beach, more than 100 different tennis courts, and South Beach Marina, where a plethora of activities and events take place for residents. The Barnyard Cove Club neighborhood is serene, yet never dull or boring and provides Hilton Head Island residents with the perfect place to call home.

Benefits of Living at Barnyard Cove Club Townhomes

As the owner of a Barnyard Cove Club villa, you own a home that so many others want. The villas are in high demand and there is little wonder why when you take a look inside. They’re immaculate from the inside out, showcasing brilliant design with open floor plans that put you in control of the architectural style that you choose to flatter your personality.

guide to sea pines villas

Of course, location is important and Barnyard Cove Club villa is situated in a prime location that makes it easy to access beaches, the clubhouse, tennis courts, and other amenities. An abundance of villas are available for purchase, each offering their own unique features and characteristics for those who crave life on the beach, but from a distance.

You’ll have great views, a lagoon view, and can make it to the beach by foot in just eight minutes! There is little doubt that Barnyard Cove Club townhomes offer everything that one could possibly want or need in their home, regardless of its intended usage.

Beachside Tennis Villas

Ideal for families, Beachside Tennis Villas offer spacious one- and two-bedroom units for sale.  At this complex, you’ll surround yourself with friendly, smiling faces and lots of children eager to enjoy the lavish life awarded to them.

Ocean views create spectacular ambiance for owners of a Beachside Tennis villa. Look out the window and the relaxing, quaint joys are yours to behold. Those great views also mean that you’re within steps of the beach so if you’re ready to experience water fun at its best, the chance is always yours.

living on sea pines

Restaurants, Sea Pines Forest Reserve, South Beach Marina, fishing, and shopping all are located within walking distance. The Sea Pines Country Club is also within steps of these villas. Four golf courses and numerous hiking/walking trails add to the quaint life residents enjoy at Beachside Tennis.

It is easy to understand why Beachside Tennis Villas are so popular with families, but like many of the other great neighborhoods in Sea Pines, has a mixture of people and personalities who, like you, want to enjoy Hilton Head Island and all of the perfect amenities that it offers.

Beachside Tennis Villa Features

Beachside Tennis villa owners enjoy the prime location that puts them steps from the beach, but that is only the first of many area highlights. This community has a public pool for residents and guests to enjoy when they come in from the beach, but still crave the appeal of the sand and the sun.

When it is time to dine, many restaurant choices exist within steps of the villas. You can find an abundance of seafood restaurants, but there are tons of other food styles waiting to enjoy as well. If you enjoy outdoor dining, the plethora of options is sure to make you smile. The villas are located directly across from Sea Pines Beach Club.

A short walk takes you to South Beach or Harbour Town. Many people make the walk and enjoy the scenery as a secondary treat. Of course, there are 33 tennis courts within the area, including the South Beach Racquet Club, so it is easy to get out on the court and show your stuff.

Benefits of Living at Beachside Tennis Villas

Two five-story buildings compose Beachside Tennis villas. No matter which unit you buy from either of these buildings, you’ll enjoy some of the best ocean views from anywhere on the beach. Units feature patios or balconies, sleeping for 6+ people, BBQ and picnic areas exist at both buildings.

sea pines benefits

The well-constructed homes are spacious and well-equipped, offering adventure and solitude rolled into one nice package. The chic homes are perfect for couples, families, and others who want to experience the magic of beachside living. Tennis lovers find the villas welcoming and with several courts to play, there is little wonder why.

Several units are typically available at Beachside Tennis. Each unit has an open floor plan, large windows with exceptional views, and balconies so it is even easier to enjoy the whimsical ocean views whenever you want. When you want to live a peaceful, exciting life, you can accomplish great things as the owner of a villa.

Beach Lagoon Villas

Two- and three-bedroom villas at Beach Lagoon create an atmosphere suitable for families, retirees, couples, and anyone else seeking the good life that is found only on the island. The neighborhood is warm and friendly and it certainly feels like home from the very moment of arrival.

Each Beach Lagoon unit is spacious and has numerous windows so it is easy to enjoy natural lighting and spectacular views of the lagoons and the beach. Decorating these units is something that anyone with a passion for home interiors will appreciate.

It is a large art pallet that puts you in control. Many people visiting Hilton Head Island choose Beach Lagoon villas as their vacation home.

Features of the Beach Lagoon Area

Choose from 15 one-level villas situated just five short minutes from the beach. Each unit is recently renovated with immaculate appliances and furnishings that welcome owners and guests with open arms.

Each unit has an abundance of space so it is easy to bring over a crowd without ever feeling cramped for space. There are lots of windows in the villas, making it easy for the natural lighting to spark up your day. These windows also provide ample opportunity to enjoy the golf views from your home.

sea pines golfing

If you’re a golfer, make your way to Heron Point Golf Course. This course is located directly across the street from the Beach Lagoon villas. Daily instruction and lessons are offered to residents of the community and guests, alike.

When it is time to grab a bite to eat, the countless neighborhood restaurants give you plenty of freedom in your choice. Truffles Restaurant is one dining spot that’s become a Hilton Head Island tradition. You’re sure to enjoy the insatiable foods that come from the kitchen when you dine at Truffles!

Benefits of Living at Beach Lagoon Villas

Situated near the Salty Dog Marina, Beach Lagoon Villas are beautiful homes from the entrance to exit. The homes feature large master bedrooms, open floor plans, and lush appliances and flooring that add appeal to the unit.

The design of the villa is simple, allowing you to easily create the look that you most desire. The master bedroom is certainly one of the biggest highlights of these homes. The units are large enough to accommodate king-size beds and dressers with plenty of space left over to move around.

When you buy a Beach Lagoon Villa, you can use it to earn significant income renting it out to tourists coming to Hilton Head Island, that is if you can stand to leave after you become the owner.

Beachside Villas

Located in the phenomenal South Beach area of Sea Pines, Beachside Villas are cottage-style homes that fill your heart with charm and comfort when you’re the proud owner of a great unit. The villas are elegant, a perfect art pallet for anyone who enjoys decorating since rooms openly flow into one another.

Space is of the essence of these villas and owners appreciate the versatility of the open floor plan. Take your choice of three or four-bedroom units that perfectly accommodate even the biggest families or groups.

guide to villas in sea pines

A total of 15 Beachside Villas units are available, each offering its own unique qualities and attributes that help you enjoy the quaint lifestyle that you seek on Hilton Head Island. The villas are situated across from the South Beach Marina, a live marina that boasts a plethora of entertainment options for the community.

It is rare to find a Beachside Villa on the market, so like you should when any rare opportunity arises, take advantage if you find a villa for sale.

Features of the Beachside Villa Area

Owners of a Beachside villa live their lives in homes that leave guests impressed. Each room of the villa offers its own unique features, great views, and space to live.

Residents of Beachside Villa can enjoy daily tennis at the South Beach Racquet club, conveniently located steps from the complex. There is a direct path to the beach, where you’ll arrive in a matter of minutes, ready to soak up the sun and enjoy the luxe that only a Hilton Head Island beach can provide.

When you’re ready to leave the beach but still aren’t quite ready to give up the sun, there is a community swimming pool across the street from the complex that has delightful water and magnificent views. Each unit features screened-in porches, upgraded appliances, walk-in showers, and ample space that you can turn into your very own work of art.

There are four golf courses located within a short drive from the complex as well, including the famed Harbour Town Golf Links course, a popular spot amongst avid golfers.

Benefits of Living at Beachside Villa

When you purchase Beachside Villa property, you welcome yourself into a community of individuals who’ve come to appreciate the life that the island has afforded to them. Your home is a work of art, a place that leaves you fulfilled and enjoying life to the fullest.

The home interior features a brilliant design that enhances its overall appeal, leaving you breathless with just one look. You’ll enjoy using the outside patio for get-togethers, parties, and simply relaxing by yourself for a short time.

living in sea pines on hilton head island

With so many nearby amenities, you certainly have it all when you are a Beachside Villa property owner. Many buyers invest in Beachside Villa property as an investment tool. This may very well be the reason that you’re purchasing the property, too.

Of course, life in the area is fantastic, so if you want a warm, inviting community of friendly faces who welcome you home, you’ll love to include yourself in the Beachside Villa fun. Home in the area is not often placed on the market for sale.

It is a true gem in the tough when there is an available property. Should you be one of the lucky people to stumble across Beachside Villa property for sale, do not miss the chance to become the owner of that spectacular property. The chance may never come your way again!

Bluff Villas

Investors appreciate Bluff Villas just as much as families looking for a great place to call home. The community has something to offer every personality and taste, making it one of the more desirable properties for every need. Bluff Villas offers studio, 1-,  2- and 3-bedroom units that have an average weekly rental rate between $900 – $2,000.

It is also the perfect opportunity to generate income for the investor because renting this property out to eager vacationers is relatively simple and realistic.  If you’re a homeowner, it feels good to know that you’re a part of something that so many wants.

The villas offer your choice or townhouse or single-level style and offer free Wi-Fi in the building. It is easy to pick and choose the type of home you’ll call your own when you purchase at Bluff Villas. If you’re searching for a unique place to call home, Bluff Villas will exceed your expectations and introduce you to an exclusive lifestyle that you’ll enjoy.

Features of Bluff Villas

Situated between South Beach Marina and Calibogue Sound, Bluff Villas puts owners in the heart of it all, with a plethora of entertainment options for day and night pleasures any day of the week.  Head across the street to the marina and bring the kids with you.

A children’s playground provided endless entertainment opportunity for the young ones, while entertainment options for adults include water sports and dining. Many Bluff Villas provide amazing views of Braddock Cove.

living sea pines villas

When it is time to put yourself in action and embark upon the many Hilton Head Island adventures, you’ll appreciate the close proximity to the Salty Dog, the beach, and South Beach Marina Village. Schedule time to visit the amazing 605-acre Forest Preserve or test out your biking skills enjoying any of the miles of trails that are everywhere in Sea Pines.

Benefits of Living at Bluff Villas

Bluff Villas are one of the more cost-friendly complexes in the area. The units are nonetheless as impressive as other homes, however, and offer an opportunity to enjoy a satisfying beach life in a comfortable, cozy home that is easy to decorate to your own styles and standards.

Residents of a Bluff Villa can treat themselves to adventure after adventure, with an array of wildlife viewing, hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, and boating opportunities available. There is a community pool for residents to enjoy when they come home from the beach as well.

Make time to enjoy the scenic nature and bike paths and you’ll find yourself near Harbour Town, the Sea Pines Center, and the Lawton Stables. If tennis is a sport that you enjoy, visit any of the 36 neighborhood courts to test your swing.

Braddock Cove Club Villas

Overlooking Braddock Cove is the Braddock Cove Club Villas, a community of beautiful vacation homes, friendly people, and endless entertainment options that highlight the good life that you’re now a part of.

sea pines hilton head

These two, three, and four-bedroom townhomes are within walking distance of the beach and offer everything that a family could want or need to live life on the island to the fullest. It is also an area that investors find ideal since many people visiting Hilton Head Island crave the amenities the property offers.

Townhomes are comfortable and allow total relaxation as you embrace your life as an owner of a Hilton Head Island property or vacationer. A versatile mixture of people calls the Braddock Cove Club community their own, from families to couples and investors renting properties to eager Hilton Head Island tourists. If you appreciate diversity, Braddock Cove Club has what you’re looking to find.

Features of Braddock Cove Club Villas

Owners of a Braddock Cove Club villa can enjoy access to the South Beach Racquet Club. You can enjoy as much time with these adventures as you’d like because let’s face it -you cannot stay on the beach 24/7, as great as that sounds.

The Sea Pines Trolley is available to residents at Braddock Cove Club, providing quick and easy transportation to popular attractions in the area. Each unit has a tropical patio that provides spectacular views of the beach and the lagoon. You’ll appreciate the patio, it’s great views, and the endless opportunities that it offers for you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Residents access the beach via the Tower Beach Club, having a private entrance that isn’t available to the general public. There are a ton of other activities that take place at the Beach Club, so you’re always within a few steps of entertainment and excitement that leaves you fulfilled.

Benefits of Living at Braddock Cove Club Villas

When you want lots of space, Braddock Cove Club Villas do not disappoint. Large living areas add refreshing vibrance to the day and you’ll never feel cramped up or crowded in your space.

The villas have large master bedrooms and kitchens, an open floor plan in the living/dining area, and multiple bathrooms so no one is ever waiting around to get ready for their day. Homes feature keyless entry for your safety and Wi-Fi throughout the building.

guide to villas on sea pines

Residents and guests also enjoy a picnic and BBQ area and a community swimming pool is available at South Beach Marina Village. The townhome-style units are available for purchase so every buyer can take their pick of property styles and get exactly what they want and need in their new home.

Calibogue Club Villas

Situated in a quiet neighborhood ideal for families, Calibogue Club Villas are townhouse-style homes offering two, three, and four-bedroom units for purchase. Each unit has elegant features that separate them from the many other villas in the Sea Pines community.

Many people opt to buy a Calibogue Club villa, from people looking for the perfect vacation home to those looking for a year-round home. You will find many families making their life as permanent residents at Calibogue Club, as well as children playing and enjoying their life.

As the owner of a Calibogue Club Villa property, you’ll enjoy gorgeous lagoon views, a private balcony, and one of the best locations in Sea Pines! The convenient location is a top attraction to buyers since you’re just minutes by bike from the beach. Either direction, scenic views are offered that add more enjoyment to the day.

Features of Calibogue Club Villas

Price is one attribute of Calibogue Club that many buyers enjoy. While the costs of a villa vary, many buyers note great value when purchasing at this property. Unlike many of the other villas in the Sea Pines community, Calibogue Club features both a tennis court and swimming pool for residents.

living on sea pines in hhi

Whenever you’re ready to enjoy either of these entertainment options you can do so without stepping foot off your complex grounds. There is also a BBQ and picnic area to further enhance your on-site pleasures.

When you’re ready to enjoy the Sea Pines golf courses, want to shop til you drop, or want to see what all of the fuss about seafood on the island is all about, restaurants, shops, and boutiques are nearby for your enjoyment. Life is good when you own one of the amazing Calibogue Club Villas.

Benefits of Living at Calibogue Club Villas

The sheer impression that you gain from looking at these villas just one time lets you know that you’ve found a special place to call home. Choose a unit that offers a sun deck or enjoy your wooden deck and sun exposure.

Choose a townhome or a flat. The options are yours, but no matter which unit you choose, rest assured you’ve purchased a property that is as close to perfect as a home could be. The convenient location is definitely worth talking about, but it is only the start of the amenities and benefits that come your way when you own a pristine Calibogue Club Villa home.

Surrounded by the lagoons and marshes, these villas are quiet and quaint and feature single garages for the safety of your vehicle. Vaulted ceilings give the unit a unique flair, while the pato opens to a wooden deck or a sunroom where you can live your life to the fullest.

Fairway Lane Villas

Golf enthusiasts are oftentimes attracted to the Fairway Lane Villas, although this is only one group of people who find the area attractive and plentiful for their home ownership needs. Situated near the beach with golf course views, these villas make life on Hilton Head Island all that you wanted it to be and more.

hilton head island sea pines

You’re within a few steps of great golf courses that let you live out your Tiger Woods-type fantasies and perhaps even catch some of your favorites in action.

Take your pick of two, three, or four-bedroom villas, each of which brings to life luxuries that many homeowners never have the chance to appreciate. Stylish and modern, the spacious units are moderately priced and a top pick for vacationers who want a practical, yet luxurious, place to serve as their home away from home.

Features of Fairway Lane Villas

Fairway Lane Villas are beautiful from the inside out. The villas have an open floor plan that puts you in control of the home’s decor and design. You can easily create the look that matches your personality.

The Villas feature elegant moulding throughout, lavish bathrooms, and incredible master bedrooms that help you kick out all of your troubles and leave worries behind. Not only do property owners enjoy golf course and beach views, the property has on-site greens, a tennis court, and a pool.

villas in sea pines

Day in and day out, there is always fun and adventure awaiting when you’re a proud Fairway Lane Villas property owner. Venture off-site and you’re within close proximity to Harbour Town, South Beach, and within minutes of the beach. Hilton Head Preparatory School is almost next door to the villa community, an advantage for parents making the move to the area.

Benefits of Living at Fairway Lane Villas

Open, airy villas welcome you home from the first moment you lay eyes on the flats. There will be little doubt in your mind that you’ve found the perfect place to call home. The homes help you live the luxurious life that you’ve always wanted, complete with beach views and ocean access whenever you’re ready to soak up the sun.

Scenic views and patios ensure the beach vibe is one that you always enjoy. For buyers that want to be as close to the beach as possible without actually having sand as their front yard, Fairway Lane Villas is the perfect match. Each villa is decorated in relaxing, vibrant tones and hues and feature open floor plans that allow you to easily add your own creative touches to maximize your space.

Fairwood Villas

Fairwood Villas offer buyers a no-nonsense homebuying experience. Each one-story unit is a spacious two-bedroom, two-bath home with approximately 1,200 square-feet of living space. Each villa has spacious bedrooms, a mid-size living room, and a balcony that helps you enjoy the gentle breezes of a beautiful summer’s day.

hilton head sea pines

There isn’t a swimming pool on-site, but Fairway Lane, Lawton Villas and Night Heron are all next door and offers pool access to Fairwood Villas as a guest of an owner there. Of course, the real fun comes when you embark upon a beach adventure. When you’re at Fairwood Villas, you’re a stone’s throw from the beach. Families are particularly attracted to Fairwood Villa, though you’ll find a broad range of people with various lifestyles calling the area home. The neighborhood is quiet, yet with nearby amenities, there is never a dull moment in this thing called life.

Features of Fairwood Villas

Fairwood Villas owners can take their pick of water activities like kayaking and fishing or go into town to shop at local boutiques and shops. The Park Plaza shopping center is one of the top shopping hubs in the area.

Numerous restaurants are within the gates of Fairwood Villas as well. Sea Pines Forest Preserve is within a short distance from Fairwood Villas. Anyone who appreciates wildlife will thrive with a visit to this top attraction. When it is time to come inside, your welcoming villa makes that so much easier to do.

You’ll love the place that you call home; the place where you lay your head down every night. These villas bring the perfect mixture of elegance and harmony together to create a homelife worth living.

Benefits of Living at Fairwood Villas

Families, couples, and others who want a home that is cozy, quaint and small yet filled with ambiance thrives as a Fairwood Villas property owner. Many people enjoy the romantic vibe that comes the moment they open the door to one of these exciting villas.

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It is a great lifestyle investment for those who like the added thrill of the property. There is plenty for your heart to grow fond of when you have a Fairwood Villas address. From the lush scenery outside to the cozy setting inside, these villas make it easy to fall in love with the place that you call home.  The covenants at Fairwood restrict short-term rentals making the complex a more stable and private place to live close to the ocean.

The location is one of the best on the island, putting homeowners within a short distance of just about any adventure they could want to experience. Whether it is the beach life or nature, this Hilton Head Island property puts you front and center to enjoy it all.

Lawton Villas

Although Lawton Villas are rarely listed for sale, snatching a property if it should become available is recommended. Finding an unbelievably awesome deal on a Hilton Head Island home is never an opportunity to pass.

Lawton Villas feature two and three-bedroom condo-style homes. Each home has an open floor plan that helps you use your own creative views to create your home. Lawton Villas each offer their own unique attributes, though you may enjoy amenities like large windows for exciting views, open courtyards, and/or floor-to-ceiling glass.

No matter which unit you choose, expect high vaulted ceilings, modern colors, and a special ambiance that isn’t found in just any home.

Features of Lawton Villas

Located across from the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, Lawton Villas consists of 25 one-story units. Each two or three-bedroom unit is designed with various amounts of space. The smallest unit offers 1,250 square foot of space, while the largest has more than 3,000 square foot of space.

Whether you prefer a quaint, cozy home or appreciate the freedom that open space provides, there is a villa that has what you want. Units feature spectacular views with sights dependant on your unit. You’ll enjoy tiled flooring, granite countertops, ample cabinet space, and private balconies.

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Most homeowners enjoy the balcony and use it to entertain friends and to enjoy relaxing evenings alone. A Storage unit is outside on the patio so you can safely keep our outdoor and beach gear stored without cluttering the home.

Benefits of Living at Lawton Villas

As a Lawton Villas property owner, you’ve scored a fantastic deal on a desirable piece of Hilton Head Island property. The cost of a villa fluctuate according to season and availability, but there is little question that you’ve stumbled upon one of the best deals found anywhere on the island. But, there’s far more to enjoy as a property owner at Lawton Villas.

You’ll enjoy a convenient location near the Heron Park Golf Course and the Sea Pines Beach Club, each of which offers visitors a fine appreciation of the expected activity. Shopping and fine dining are also nearby. The villas are tranquil and peaceful, yet always close to the fun when you’re ready to turn things up a notch.

A friendly community with all of the ammonite that you could want or need is yours to enjoy when you purchase a property at Lawton Villas.

Lagoon Villas

Lagoon Villas provide every amenity that a homeowner could want. It’s Not unusual to see a group gathered for coffee early in the morning at a local cafe, and neighbors always have a friendly word to offer one another.

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It is a warm community where the simple pleasures are always enjoyed to the fullest. The Serene location is ideal for people ready to settle down and live their life, though you’ll also find many tourists visiting the island who take advantage of the quaint lodging.

Large lawns allow you the opportunity to create your own garden or let the kids go out to play. Walk the other direction and within a matter of minutes you are on the beach, ready to bask in the fun in the sun and the sand.  No matter what it is you desire, you can find your pleasures when you own property at Lagoon Villas.

Features of Lagoon Villas

Lagoon Villas are recently updated, flat units that never fall short of providing ample amounts of space. The homes are perfect for property investors since most travellers coming to Hilton Head Island want large units that can accommodate their group.

However, the homes are welcoming to homeowners that believe that bigger is always better. There is more room to decorate and live life, even when you’ve come inside for a while. Wood floors, granite countertops, on-site swimming, BBQ and picnic area, and private balconies are often among the features that you enjoy as a Lagoon villas property owner.

Benefits of Living at Lagoon Villas

Welcome to Hilton Head Island and Lagoon Villas, a community that has everything that you could possibly want or need in a home. Lagoon Villas offers a relaxing atmosphere that gently calms the moment you arrive.

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You’ll feel full of life, filled with passion, and ready to explore life and the island to the fullest when you wake up to the gentle breezes and soft sounds of the ocean each day. One step out onto the patio and this is an experience you can enjoy almost on-demand.

Homes have vaulted ceilings, skylights, and keyless entry for your added safety and protection. Plus, Lagoon Villas feature two to three bathrooms, open courtyards, and a full-sized kitchen. The nearby Plantation Golf Club has two of four courses in Sea Pines Plantation where the public is welcome to play. Sea Pines Beach Club is also nearby, offering a variety of community-based events and fun programs for all ages.

Night Heron Villas

Small and quaint, Night Heron Villas are perfect for couples who want to keep the romance in their relationship alive, as well as for vacationers who are ready to invoke the love back into their life. There is an appeal and a romance found in these villas that only add to the ambiance the island life provides.

Newlyweds, couples, and others flock to this type of villa, making it prime real estate for any investor. The unique shape of these villas alerts you to the sheer ambiance that awaits you inside and your expectations are certainly met when you lay eyes on the wood flooring, vaulted ceilings, and granite countertops throughout the home.

Secluded and quaint, the property protects you from the worries of the world so there is nothing left to enjoy but the fun and adventures of Hilton Head Island.

Features of Night Heron Villas

Night Heron Villas provide amazing views of the beach from the patio or any of the extra-large windows in your home. The natural lighting ensures energy-efficient around the home while allowing you the pleasures that you see only when you let the light shine in!

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You’re just steps away from the beach when you’re ready to feel the sand between your toe and enjoy the water the way that it is meant to be enjoyed. The Sea Pines Forest Preserve is one of the closest attractions near the Night Heron Villas. A visit to the forest preserve and you’ll enjoy nature and wildlife at its best.

Of course, you can only expect tons of additional attractions within a walk of your home when you’re the proud owner of Night Heron villas property. There is an on-site community pool when you’re ready to come home from the beach but not yet ready to come inside. Each villa is small, yet warms the heart immediately.

Benefits of Living at Night Heron Villas

As a Night Herro property owner, you are a part of the island life that some could only dream to enjoy. Every day is beautiful and tranquil and helps you remember how great life really is. But, you’ll enjoy a laid-back lifestyle when you live at this property and mix yourself in with those who’ve already found out that Night Heron Villas have so much to offer.

The small units are easy to maintain, in both terms of upkeep and repairs. You’ll enjoy a convenient location that is nearby the beach and shopping, dining, and wildlife and nature when you own a villa at Night Heron.

Each unit has a spacious patio that offers breathtaking beach views. If you are ready to make your life on Hilton Head Island but worry that you cannot afford a property, look at Night Heron Villas as a cost-effective option that may allow you to make the move much sooner.

Port Villas

Port Villas is one of the more recently updated properties on Hilton Head Island and the renovations are certainly breathtaking and attention-grabbing. Choosing to purchase a property at Port Villas puts you in the heart of the desirable South Beach area, giving you waterfront views from your property.

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If you are buying property to serve investment needs, rest assured you’ll make a great profit as the owner of Port Villas property, never enduring any trouble to rent the home. Each villa is designed with impeccable attention-to-detail and a flair that allows you to reveal your exciting personality. The two and three bedroom townhouse style units are situated in a comfortable, quiet area that is close to all of the things that you could want to see or do.

Features of Port Villas

Port Villas offer ample living space in an airy, breezy unit that has beach views. A serene open space floor plan connects the dining, living, and kitchen areas, giving owners more opportunity to create the perfect space for their specific needs. It is easy to decorate your villa in your own style and update it whenever you feel the desire to do so.

Each unit has central heat and air, a fully-equipped kitchen, and wireless internet throughout the building. The elegant bedrooms are charming and make it possible to bring all of your lifestyle expectations to bear. The master bedroom is extra-large and spacious and gives you plenty of room to live. Residents have access to the Sea Pines Trolley, which provides transportation to some of the major hotspots within the community.

Benefits of Port Villas

Port Villas provide a relaxing and charming place to call home. Although costlier than some of the other homes on the island, most buyers confirm their money is well-spent when they invest in property at Port Villas.

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Owners enjoy great Braddock Cove views, two and three-floor divided units that provide freedom to live life to the fullest. Many property owners appreciate the birds that come near their homes, making for a delightful birdwatching adventure any time of the day. You’ll also notice dolphins and a variety of species of fish in the water near your home.

Although there isn’t an on-site swimming pool, owners and guests at Port Villas have access to this amenity, as well as a tennis court, at the nearby Salty Dog Marina. These amenities are exciting, so if you’re an investor, imagine the smile that Hilton Head Island visitors have as they read that description!

Port Side Villas

Port Side Villas is a small, close-knit community in the Sea Pines community. The villas border the South Beach Marina and provide a stunning place to call home. Not only are owners within steps of the beach, a variety of other fun activities are just around the corner.

A total of 20 units are available in the Port Side community. Two and three-bedroom units are available, offering 1,015 square-foot of space up to 2,a 050 square foot of space. Port Side is known as one of the more affordable communities within Sea Pines. However, like some of the other properties within the area, finding a property for sale may not always be the simplest of tasks.

Features of Port Side Villas

Port Side Villas overlook the Barnyard Cove, providing a relaxing view from almost any location in the house. You’ll want to spend much of your time enjoying these charming views. The views are perfect for any photo opportunity, but more so, help you appreciate life on a higher level than ever before. The large windows make it even easier to catch these awesome views.

Of course, when it is time to enjoy a bit of fun in the sun, the beach is a short 5-minute walk away. You’ll enjoy a private path to the beach, which can provide many unique exploration opportunities if you allow them to happen.

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Other nearby amenities include Captain John’s Gallery, where a great meal is always made to order; Bruce Crichton, where live music always gets the blood pumping; South Beach Marine, home ot the Salty Dog and an awesome children’s playground, and so much more.

No matter what your pleasure, there is something for you nearby Port Side Villas. You’ll find many families residing at Port Side Villas, but there’s also a lot of tourists who come to the area.

Benefits of Living at Port Side Villas

When you reside at Port Side Villas, you are a part of a small community of property owners who take pride in their homes. Each home is renovated, yet still filled with history from Hilton Head Island’s vibrant days of yesteryear.

The vintage-style homes bring back those warm feelings that you probably cherish from your childhood and make it easy to raise your own children with the same simplicity. Friendly, smiling faces surround you and that is all that you should expect in an area that is within such close proximity to the beach.

Port Side Villas are affordably priced in comparison to many of the other properties on Hilton Head Island in the Sea Pines district. If you are searching for the good life that you can find only on Hilton Head Island, perhaps you should consider looking at one of these great villas and learning what it has to offer.

Sound Villas

The unique name stops many homebuyers in their tracks. Sound Villas are definitely impressionable and worth that extra look. Large, spacious homes make it easy to accommodate large families and groups.

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Likewise, they offer a large amount of space for small groups who appreciate the offerings they enjoy in a larger space. The townhouse-style villas are multi-level, with the master bedroom upstairs. It is easy to keep your daily life and your nightlife apart thanks to this home design.

The villas provide luxurious, secluded living at its best, with several customizable units of various size available for purchase. Direct beach access is one perk offered to Sound Villas property owners. You’ll enjoy the perks of beachfront living, yet still, enjoy the peace that tree-lined streets bring to light.

Bike trails, golf courses, the marina, restaurants, and shopping are all additional amenities nearby Sound Villas that is offered in addition to the great beaches.

Features of Sound Villas

Bigger is better for many on Hilton Head Island. If you live by this philosophy, take your pick of the massively-sized four and five-bedroom units available at this Sea Pines complex. You will not be disappointed with the space that is featured inside of these villas.

Sound Villas offer the beach house vibe that many people want when buying property on Hilton Head Island. The airy, spacious interiors allow you to enjoy comforts that you do not enjoy when cramped inside a smaller home.

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Each unit has an open floor plan that lets you put your creativity to work to design a space that accommodates your every need. There is a patio on each unit that allows you to take your adventures outdoors without leaving the home. And, if you do not want to go to the beach but still want to get in the water, the community pool is ready to help you.

Benefits of Living at Sound Villas

When you own property at Sound Villas, you own a versatile unit that allows you to enjoy life in every possible way. Whether you want to rent the unit as a vacation home, use it as your own vacation home, invite friends over for a get-together host a party, or kick back and relax while the music streams throughout the home, the unit allows for such to happen.

The immaculate size is, of course, the claim to fame at the property. These units fit into every lifestyle perfectly accommodating needs small and large. There is no worry of feeling like there isn’t enough space when you reside at Sound Villas.

Of course, the interior of the home has all of the upscale amenities that help you feel relaxed and ready to unwind. What could be better when you live on Hilton Head Island? Nearby attractions and dining options are plentiful, so you’re always nearby the best spots in town.

South Beach Club Villas

South Beach Club Villas are situated on South Beach, putting you in one of the most prominent addresses in town. When you decide to buy property at South Beach Club Villas, expect to turn heads and create an impression of grandeur stature. Each villa has a story to tell, and once you recreate the design, the home will tell the words that you want to speak.

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It is easy to create personality when you are a South Beach Club villa owner. Located across the street from the South Beach Marina, the South Beach Club Villas look out toward Daufuskie Island and offer some of the most incredible views from any location on the island. Calibogue Sound is also within the backdrop of the South Beach Club Villas.

Features of South Beach Club Villas

Two, three, and four-bedroom South Beach Club Villas offering between 1,900 SF and 2,900 SF of space are available for purchase. Each unit offers panoramic views of the beach and the island, with large windows for your viewing pleasures.

Patios and decks are also included with each unit. You’ll always find an array of activities to enjoy on the patios as the cool ocean breezes create subtle aurora in your life. The villas are situated near South Beach in a pristine location where residents can enjoy their choice of four nearby golf courses, an on-site swimming pool, and an array of nearby amenities.

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Many people in the area enjoy the walking and biking trails and the many untold adventures they provide. Fishing and bird watching are additional activities that many people enjoy.

Benefits of Living at South Beach Club Villas

As the owner of South Beach Club Villas, you’ll enjoy a mid-size, upscale home with lavish amenities and a sophisticated, desirable addresses in town. People want to own a villa at South Beach Club because they know how lush the villas are. It is easy to experience life at a new level when you step foot inside of this property.

The spectacular views help you leave all of your worries behind, while the interior of your home offers a comfortable confinement of heartfelt warmth and love. Many agree that South Beach Club Villas are among the best homes on Hilton Head Island. The fact that you are nearby some of the best attractions on the island adds excitement to ownership of a villa at South Beach Club.

South Beach Villas

Tranquil and heartfelt design create a space that anyone can appreciate and South Beach Villas offer just that. Situated beachfront on South Beach in the Sea Pines community, South Beach Villas are two-floor units featuring two and three bedrooms.

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Homes feature an open patio and upstairs master bedroom with all the usual Sea Pines amenities, including access to the seasonal trolley, the South Beach Marina, and of course, the beach. Your new home is situated just steps from the beach, with private entrance for your enjoyment.

Although no community pool is offered at the property, homeowners may use the pool at the South Beach Marina Village, located next door.

Features of South Beach Villas

South Beach Villas are situated just steps from the beach with spectacular views from every room in the home. But, you’ll enjoy peaceful serenity in a home surrounded by lush greenery and large lawns.

It is an experience that everyone should enjoy during their lifetime, embracing it with open arms. A total of 26 villas exist in this community, each providing either 3-bedroom, 3-baths, or 4-bedrooms, 4-baths that provide plenty of space for any size crowd. A patio opens to the outside of the home.

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The interior of the home is just as lush as the exterior. When you let your creativity soar, it is easy to create a space that exceeds your expectations and meets your personality. Although one of the more expensive addresses on Hilton Head Island, most buyers agree that is worth the money when you desire an upscale lifestyle.

Benefits of Living at South Beach Villas

South Beach Villas offers some of the best views that you will find on the island. As a homeowner, you enjoy a beachfront home that still provides the luxuries of the land. It is a desirable community and one that helps you feel rewarded to be a part of.

There are lots to see and do in the community, enabling homeowners to live life to the fullest. The beach is only the start of the fun that is offered to South Beach Villas property owners. Many people enjoy sightseeing and embarking upon scenic walks, and of course, there is always shopping and dining within a short walk of your home.

Of course, any property on Hilton Head Island is great for investors, but this one certainly has added feature and benefits that create more desire to the property.

Turtle Lane Club Villas

When you own property at Turtle Lane Club, you have achieved the ultimate in villa ownership on the Atlantic Ocean. This exclusive community features elegant three and four-bedroom upscale homes that provide every buyer with the perfect opportunity to exceed their property expectations.

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Many families own or vacation at Turtle Lane Club Villas and the amenities in the area certainly attract many people with children to the community. As a Turtle Lane Club Villas property owner, you own a home that turns heads and attracts eyes your way. Keep your eyes open and ears peeled. When Turtle Lane Club Villas are placed on the market, they sell very quickly. You must jump at the chance to own a unit in this community.

Features of Turtle Lane Club Villas

Backyard beach access from your beachfront home gives you bragging rights amongst your friends, even those who own their own Hilton Head Island property. You’ll enjoy all of the normal Sea Pines amenities, but there is far more in store when you’re a part of the Turtle Lane Club community.

These exclusive units feature upscale appliances, intriguing designs, and open floor plans that are easily customizable to your exact specifications. Crown moulding adds a touch of elegance to each room in the home, while the high ceilings add more space to your room.

Stone floors, built-in cabinetry, and granite throughout the home are all additional amenities that you enjoy as the owner of a property at Turtle Lane Club. Spacious units allow you to grow your life and enhance your personality through your personal space. Villas and townhomes that are inviting, eccentric, and offer that feeling of home that you need in any place you call home.

Benefits of Living at Turtle Lane Club Villas

Life is good at Turtle Lane Club Villas and as the owner of one of the elegant properties, you’re going to discover this information firsthand. These beautiful homes offer the lush living that many desire upon retirement, or to signal they’ve done well in their life.

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The villas are perfect for summer vacations and winter getaways, and certainly, offer everything that a homeowner could possibly want or need in the place they call home. Turtle Lane Club Villas are near the beach but offer two swimming pools within the complex for those days when you want to stay at home and still enjoy the water.

Residents are nearby many of the top Sea Pines attractions, like the Sea Pines Country Club, Harbour Town, Heritage Farms, Lawton Stables, South Beach Marina and Sea Pines Forest Preserve.

Our Complete Guide to Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island 

Life is good on Hilton Head Island. The community earns an A or an A+ in livability. For the luxurious lifestyle you’re afforded after property purchase, the money is well-spent, as anyone who owns a home on the island will tell. The sun shines brightly, the cool ocean breezes comfort the soul, and the daily dose of serenity is the assurance that you’re really a part of the good life.

No matter which of the villas you find most flattering to your lifestyle, it is time to take the steps necessary to become the next proud Hilton Head Island homeowner. These villas are welcoming, inviting, and allow you to become a part of a great group of people enjoying a great lifestyle on the beach.

There is something for everyone on the island, whether it is a home that suffices all of your needs or an activity that you enjoy participating in often. Reach out to us at Ocean Front HHI to start living your dreams today!

Additional Resources

If you’re ready to make the move to Hilton Head Island but still want more information, the following resources may be of assistance.

Palmetto Electric Corporation: Most Hilton Head Island residents receive electricity through Palmetto Electric Corporation. To establish an account and electric service after purchasing a villa, complete an application and pay the appropriate deposit if one is needed.

Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce: The Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce provides information about the various communities, the island, local events, and an abundance of additional information.

The Island Packet: Want to stay informed of the news taking place around you? The Island Packet is Hilton Head Island’s daily newspaper, providing residents and visitors in Sea Pines and throughout the island with the latest information and happenings.

WSAV: WSAV Channel 3 News is one of four Hilton Head Island news station, broadcasting live several times per day. The news station is an award-winning broadcasting station that vows to keep the public informed.

Hilton Head Public Services Department: Water service is provided by the Hilton Head PSD. To establish service, complete an application for service online or at the Oak Park Drive office.

Hilton Head Island Department of Education: Families with school-aged children can visit the Department of Education website to learn more about local schools in their Sea Pines neighborhood. The Department of Education is also available by telephone if you have questions or prefer to speak to someone in person.

Town of Hilton Head Island: The local government entity, the Town of Hilton Head Island has an informative website, although you can call in to ask personal questions. You can learn more about property taxes on the island, registering a business, renew vehicle tags, learn more about sustainability, and more when you visit the website.

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