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The Exclusive Turtle Lane Club Villas

As one of Hilton Head Island’s most desirable properties, Turtle Lane Club Villas are certainly worth the purchase if you’re a real estate investor looking for a great ROI or someone who frequents the area often. This immaculate community provides a home away from home, offering a relaxing, comfortable environment that is welcoming and impressive. Two, three, and four-bedroom units are available, comfortably sleeping up to 15 guests. With fully-equipped kitchens, Wi-Fi, and cable TV, the villas provide all of the extras that you want when you come in from the beach.

Choose from the 73 units of four different types of property within the complex: the lagoon villas are typically 3-bed, 3-bath 1,773 sq ft units.  The pool town homes are 3- and 4-bedroom units that are usually 1,900 to 2,900 square feet.  The direct ocean-view tower properties are 3- and 4-bed units that are 1,900 to 2,250 square feet.  The direct oceanfront town homes are typically 3- and 4- bedrooms that are 3,000 square feet and larger.

The Best Way to Stay on Hilton Head Island

Costs of the villas vary, and depend upon many factors including the unit size you’re interested in purchasing. You can always expect the price of your villa to be well-worth the asking price. Not all Hilton Head Island communities provide the same posh setting as Turtle Lane Club Villas. The exclusive address attracts a great deal of attention and admiration and as owner of a villa, you’ll feel ecstatic to know that you own what so many others want.

Turtle Lane Club Villas - Ocean Front Hilton Head Island

Located on the nearly 6,000-acre Sea Pines Plantation, these villas provide two pools for you to enjoy when you want fun in the sun, but want to avoid the crowds at the beach. There’s always magnificent views of the beach and the surrounding area from any room in the villa, and with a great balcony, you can always step outside to take advantage of the near-flawless weather and perfect surroundings of harmony and peace.

As a Turtle Lane Club owner, you’ll be granted private boardwalk entrance to the beach. It is easy to enjoy the beach whenever the mood strikes, considering that the villas are located only steps away from the beach. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of HHI on dry land, head the opposite direction and take advantage of the gorgeous hiking trails or one of the many other adventures. There’s plenty to do right in the Sea Pines community so you’ll never have to venture far to find entertainment, dining, or shopping.

Entertainment & Fun

Harbour Town Golf Links is located within the Sea Pines area. This public golf course is home to the Heritage Golf Classic and is a dream come true for any golf lover. There’s also recreation centers that offer additional golfing opportunities, more than 80 tennis courts, hiking and biking trails, and two great marinas. Many people enjoy bird watching from the balcony of their villa, though simply relaxing by the ocean waters is enough to provide relaxation to anyone.

Sea Pines Oceanfront Villas For Sale
Turtle Lane Tower View

Turtle Lane Club: Owner

Now is your chance to turn heads as owner of one of the great Turtle Lane Club villas. It isn’t everyday the opportunity to own exclusive property presents itself to you. Take advantage of that opportunity and enjoy many beautiful, blissful days ahead on Hilton Head Island. You’ll love every second as owner of a villa at this amazing property. This is how life is meant to be lived!

Turtle Lane Club Villa Listings
Turtle Lane Club Villas Tower West

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