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Our Guide to Hilton Head Island: The Communities

While the island has been inhabited for thousands of years, it’s development as a modern resort town only began when the first plot was sold in 1958. Preserving nature and developing communities has been at the heart of all planning since then and today this South Carolina hot-spot boasts several thriving communities.

Our Guide to the Communities on Hilton Head Island

Diverse and Inclusive Living

The island itself boasts a patchwork of lagoons and salt marshes, interspersed with winding creeks and age-old forests. Of course, there’s also the championship golf courses and long stretches of pristine sandy beaches which have made this island regarded across America as the “Hamptons of the South.”

hilton head island communities

With pockets of housing scattered across the island, there are over 20 separate communities on Hilton Head. These neighborhoods vary in size and expense while offering a wide range of real estate options. From condominiums and townhouses to standalone villas and oceanfront mansions, there’s something to suit everyone in terms of taste, budget, and lifestyle.

Finding a Social Identity

The most popular reason people choose to live on Hilton Head Island is for the lifestyle that living here provides. Many modern cities suffer from transient societies but the laid-back atmosphere of island life serves to bring people together.

Each of the neighborhoods within Hilton Head possesses their own social hubs. In addition to sports clubs and organized social events, there’s a range of member-run clubs and groups encompassing everything from morning yoga to discussion groups. With communal facilities and activity centers easily accessible to every home in every district, there are active and welcoming social scenes for families, working professionals, and retirees alike.

At Peace with Nature

As the very first eco-development in America, sustainability, and the environment lie at the heart of Hilton Head’s communities. Built in harmony with the natural surroundings, the houses and communities on Hilton Head Island are integrated into their environment.

While this provides a different feel to the communities particular to their location, all communities benefit from a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. With jaw-dropping landscapes and favorable weather all year-round, it’s of little surprise that tourists flock to this destination in their millions. However, the permanent communities settled on the island can enjoy this wonderment with a sense of sanctuary and isolation from the masses.

Gated Communities

For those who place a high value on their privacy, 70% of the landmass on the island is secured within gated communities. Beyond the reach of tourists, these areas also offer exclusive access to some of the most scenic spots on the island.

guide to community on hhi

Many of these communities also provide free access to some of the local sporting facilities in nearby locations. Providing safer and family-friendly environments, these private estates include:

Hilton Head Plantation

One of the largest communities in Hilton Head, this is also one of the original developments on the island and now boasts well in excess of 4,000 homes. As the name suggests, this community lies at the North tip of the island. With over 2 miles of untouched beaches, four prestigious golf courses, and lengthy nature trails leading from Skull Creek marina through a variety of natural environments, there’s literally something for everyone within this plantation.

Indigo Run

Tucked just below Hilton Head Plantation is a relatively new development which stretches over 1,700 acres and boasts over 850 modern properties. Split into 6 distinctive communities, this plantation sits at the top of Broad Creek and makes use of the marshes and network of waterways to provide pockets of secluded properties.

Long Cove Club

On the Southern edge of Broad Creek marshes is one of several gated golfing communities which occupy the central region of the island. Built around the fringes of picturesque oak and pine forests, many of these homes offer seclusion through the natural environment that’s wrapped around them.

Wexford Plantation

The center of the island is dominated by Broad Creek, a large waterway which almost cuts the island in two. Along the South-central bank of this creek lies Wexford, a community which benefits from a peaceful location tucked away in an exclusive region of this resort. The close proximity to Broad Creek also provides almost 150 of the houses within this community a place to moor their boats next to their home.

Port Royal

Many folks choose this location as they do not allow short-term rentals and are yet still on the ocean.  The lots are huge – many over 1-acre in size and the prices are generally less than some of the other more commercial communities that have beach properties.  There are two golf course, a beach club, an arboretum, and tennis courts for residents to enjoy.

Windmill Harbour

While everyone is aware of the Harbour Town marina at the Southern tip of the island, people seeking a heavier nautical influence in their lifestyle can also choose between the two main harbours in the North. With all three locations offering varying levels of tourist activity, you can find the perfect balance to match your needs.

Forest Beach

forest beach community

Coligny Circle is the centerpiece dividing largely-residential North Forest Beach from South Forest Beach, which is more heavily-weighted with both oceanfront and ocean-row condominium properties.  Although no gates exist for access this is the biggest tourist mecca on the island and many people enjoy its proximity to Coligny Plaza with over 60 shops and restaurants for visitors of all ages.   

Mid-Island Beaches

Along the 12-mile stretch of beach bordering the East coast and the Atlantic ocean, there are plenty of options for those who prefer the beach life. These oceanfront properties can be priced at a premium, however, there’s a greater range of housing types available than people often imagine.

Sea Pines Resort

Not all gated communities have restricted access to tourists and Sea Pines is one such community. At the very Southern edge of Hilton Head, this is both the largest and oldest development on the island. It also serves as the main destination for most people who visit Hilton Head and as such, has a wide range of attractions and amenities.

Palmetto Dunes

If you want both tourist convenience and immaculately manicured beaches thrown together, the Palmetto resort in the North may be exactly what you’re looking for. This eco-friendly development also boasts a large system of connected lagoons which provide a rich mixture of activities, wildlife, and magical scenery, making it a diverse community in its own right.

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Whatever lifestyle you wish to indulge in, the many plantation developments across Hilton Head Island offer an unbeatable quality of life. Unlike most real estate options in the modern world, these homes provide luxurious, contemporary living with a strong sense of social community to knit it all together. It’s this community which is the difference between a house and a home and for those who want the best of everything, Hilton Head is waiting for you now.

Contact us now for further details regarding these, or any other of the island’s resplendent communities to discover more of the riches held within this unique destination.

Hilton Head Ocean Front Properties For Sale – 50%-Off Sale

Hi Friends!

Perhaps you saw us on TV for the RBC/Boeing Heritage Classic that was held April 14 – 20 on CBS which was won by Matt Kuchar late on Sunday afternoon by holing-out a blast from the 18th green-side bunker on the famed Harbour Town Golf Links in Sea Pines Plantation. A thrilling victory for all to see in spite of the inclement weather that was prevalent throughout the week.

Likewise, I am anticipating a visit from you this Spring/Summer and I wanted for you to be aware that Hilton Head ocean front properties for sale are still 50%-off here on Hilton Head Island, SC and surrounds – the recovery has not yet hit us fully – but, there have been clear and incontrovertible trends that you need to know about – modest price increases that are holding and inventory that is tightening – the seeds of return to a normalized market.

I could not wait to share with you the sales history of one of the villa complexes (truncated to fit and I could have provided any one of the four – they were all very similar) that I showed a nice family from Northern-Virginia the week of the golf tournament, and the same price trend demonstrated below would apply to just about any villa complex or residential neighborhood of any price point in our MLS market area:

MLS           Status           List Price             Sales Price             Date             DOM
316896      SOLD           $  699k                 $   625k                   01/24/2014     529
321164      SOLD           $  740k                  $   696k                  08/29/2013     153
309081      SOLD           $  799k                  $   750k                  10/28/2011      103
250767      SOLD           $  950k                  $   950k                  11/07/2008      134
224073      SOLD           $1,199k                 $1,140k                   07/06/2006     191
225979      SOLD           $1,175k                 $1,100k                   05/30/2006       95
214464      SOLD           $   949k                 $   960k                   01/19/2005       10
101291      SOLD           $   815k                 $   815k                   01/14/2003         4
96569      SOLD           $   697k                 $   680k                   05/15/2002        46

Note that this property – as now with most all properties in our MLS – is still selling for a little more than 50% of peak sales price and less than it was a dozen years ago in 2002! This is the value in looking for and purchasing real property right now when prices are so low in comparison to what they have been in the past. Request a history (provided free of charge for my clients) for the property that most interests you and see for yourself the price advantage that still exists. This information will assist with your decision as to when the right time comes for you and for your family to invest. You do not have to be perfect with either the property or the timing in order to succeed – but you need to be on the right side of the curve – and that is prior to the time that the market begins to exhibit significant price increases as aggregate demand rebounds.

Please call me (or your Pattisall Group agent) in advance on the cell phone @ 843-304-9590 or reply to this e-mail to make arrangements for seeing properties when you are traveling to Hilton Head Island – the ability to plan ahead allows us to promise to show you an interesting and informative day or whatever allotted time you might have!

Know that we are available for consultation at any time and thank you for doing business with www.ThePattisallGroup.com and www.OceanFrontHHI.com!


Richard C. Pattisall, Jr.



National Flood Insurance Reform – Ocean Front HHI

National Flood Insurance Reform

The National Flood Insurance Reform that consumers demanded will address the unintended consequences from last year’s FEMA flood insurance overhaul.

Due to recent disasters which cost everyone billions, NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program of FEMA) had to revamp the program and bring it in line with actual risks; resulting in the 2012 Biggert-Waters Law. FEMA also updated the flood zone designations and flood maps causing hundreds of thousands to be cancelled and renewed at, in some cases, unreasonably high premiums and influencing real estate everywhere.

As of May 1, 2014, the 2014 Flood Insurance Affordability Act. comes to fruition. This Act allows a new property owner to assume the old policy at the old rate; plus it applies to second homes, businesses, and lapsed policies as well. It also grandfathers changes in mapping, and, perhaps most importantly, sets maximum annual rate increases at 18%.

There will be further information streamed to us as the Act is analyzed and understood by the industry and the large insurers get their regional agents out into the field to bring the local brokers and agents up to speed.

We have an abundance of excellent insurers on Hilton Head Island, SC which can assist you with any questions that you might have specific to our properties.  Among them are PC&L Agency, The Hub Group, Carolina Carswell, Coastal Plains, Seacoast Insurance, State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide and many more.

You are always invited to phone Ocean Front HHI @ 843-304-9590 to inquire as to matters that affect real estate properties both on- and off- Hilton Head Island.  Insurance is something that we deal with on a daily basis and has been a source of consternation amongst buyers which we are always able to find acceptable solutions for!

For more information on NFIP, consult your local insurance agency or go to:

A view of the Sea Crest shared ocean front pool with North Shore Place on North Forest Beach, Hilton Head Island, SC.



Night Heron Villas
Hilton Head For Sale

Tucked just inside the Sea Pines Ocean Gate are Night Heron Villas Hilton Head For Sale and they are the first complex on the right-hand side just across N Sea Pines Drive from the beach walkway.

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