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The Benefits of Choosing a Beach Front Home for Your Dream House

If you could own a home anywhere in the world, where would it be? For many people, the prospect of owning a beachfront property is idyllic. The good news is that owning your dream may be more achievable than you think! In this article, we’ll look at the key benefits of choosing a beachfront home for your dream house.

Having a Beach Front Home for Your Dream House

Amazing Locations for Your Dream Beach Front Home

Golden sand, palm trees, and sun-drenched days spent beside the shimmering ocean. There’s nothing quite like the welcome of the beach!

When purchasing a beachfront property, you’ll not only be investing in a beautiful home but access to some of the world’s most incredible locations. You and your family will be able to take advantage of the magic that can only be found at the coast.

On Hilton Head Island, in sunny South Carolina, you’ll be able to enjoy miles of spectacular beach, as well as first-class golf and tennis facilities, nature preserves, water-sports, shopping, cafés, bars, and restaurants. Everything you need, in one amazing location!

Beautifully-Designed Homes for Your Beach Front Property

When searching for a beachfront property, you’ll be spoilt for choice! From one- or two-bedroom condominiums with balconies and private terraces, right through to large, detached homes with exclusive access to the finest facilities, there’s something for everyone!

Many beachfront homes come with a private or residents-only pool. If you’d like a break from the beach or wish to focus on a few laps in the morning, it’s a fabulous perk. There are also usually exclusive barbecue and dining areas, and some complexes even have special access to sports and recreational facilities.

Choosing a Beach Front Home for Your Dream House

Within modern beach homes, you’ll find all the essential conveniences, as well as bright, spacious rooms. At Hilton Head Island, you’ll be able to enjoy accommodation with large windows, generous living spaces, perfect spots for entertaining, as well as close proximity to all of the fabulous activities around the resort.

The Ultimate in Beach-Front Home Relaxation

Modern life can be stressful; balancing jobs, bills, relationships, family commitments, and running a home doesn’t leave a great deal of time to simply sit back and relax.

Owning a beach home is the perfect antidote! Whether you make the move permanently or utilize your beachfront property as a base for vacations, having an oceanside getaway gives you the opportunity to unwind whenever the mood takes you.

At Hilton Head Island, you’ll be able to find peace with the majestic Atlantic Ocean as your soundtrack. There are plenty of experiences to try, including gentle hikes, relaxed gatherings, picturesque bike rides, laid-back sailing trips, and reading on the sand. Whatever you do to decompress, the therapeutic is magnified beside the sea.

Health Benefits of Choosing a Beach Front House

Did you know that there are health benefits to living near to the beach? Being in such a relaxed environment helps to alleviate stress, boost the mood, and make you feel refreshed; whether or not you choose to return to the hustle and bustle of city life!

Your physical health can also improve, thanks to the sporting activities that are usually found in oceanfront communities. If you’ve never tried surfing before, what better time to start than when you’re living within a stone’s throw off the beach? Beginners classes are available throughout the country, including at Hilton Head Island!

Once you find your balance, you can also try paddleboarding, which is perfect for beaches with gentle waves. Whilst you’re in your wetsuit, you’re ready to have a go at kayaking, canoeing, diving, or snorkeling.

Beach Front Home for Your House

At Hilton Head Island, there are lots of activities to enjoy. As well as championship golf courses and world-class tennis facilities, you’ll have access to an array of water-based pursuits. You can also explore the carefully-maintained nature preserves, either on foot or by bike, using the well-marked routes (or you can discover one of your own!).

Living by the beach, or even visiting your holiday home on a regular basis, contributes to the enhancement and maintenance of health and wellbeing. It’s time for a dose of vitamin sea!

A Sense of Community on the Beach

Oceanside communities always have something going on. Whether it’s a festival, fair, show, or other celebratory events, you’ll always feel welcome and included. There are also lots of opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, and build shared memories.

At Hilton Head, you’ll never have an empty calendar! The world-famous Hilton Head Wine and Food Festival is the annual event for foodies and wine enthusiasts! You’ll find delicious dishes to try, new favourites to discover, and the perfect vintage for your next get-together.

Throughout the year, you’ll also be able to take advantage of art shows, live music, museums, guided walks, bike tours, and kids’ entertainment. These are popular events that bring the community together. Whatever your interests, you’re sure to find a kindred spirit by the beach!

Beach Front Property Rental Income

Not planning to be living in your dream home all the time? You’ll have the perfect opportunity to make some extra income from the holiday rental market.

A two-bedroom, two-bathroom condominium apartment in Hilton Head Island will command a rental cost of $150 per night on average, while a 5-bedroom detached villa will net approximately $1,000 per night.

Choosing a Beachfront Property for Your Home

Sign up with a platform such as Airbnb, or work with a local agency to begin making some additional cash from your beach home!

Making Memories on a Beach Home

Choosing a dream house beside the sea affords you the opportunity to invite your family and friends to visit and take advantage of the relaxed lifestyle. Days at the beach, hikes through glorious nature reserves, trying new activities, and enjoying golden sunsets are always better together. If you have children or grandchildren, they’ll be counting down the days until their next visit!

Ready to Make Your Dream a Reality?

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and purchasing your own dream home beside the beach, let Ocean Front HHI be of assistance. Our quick and advanced search functions will help you to discover the perfect property on beautiful Hilton Head Island. Try it out today!

Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Real Estate Agent When Making Your Next Property Purchase

The internet is filled with resources on how to find the best real estate agent for you, home buying or selling process and more. However, one of the most important questions that demand answer is why you need to hire a Hilton Head real estate agent.

While there are thousands of reasons to make this choice, especially considering the capital intensive nature of the decision you are about to make, below are some of the reasons why you need a real estate agent in Hilton Head MLS.

Education & Experience

Chances are high that you do not know everything about the property buying business and as such can benefit from the education and experience which the real estate agent has gathered over the years of practice in choosing the best from all available Hilton Head homes for sale.

Agents Are Buffers

Zillow Hilton Head real estate agents are well trained and have the eyes for details thus helping you weed out the spam buyers who may have showed interest in your property. With this, you get to plan property showing only for people who are genuine and interested in your property.

Neighborhood Knowledge

When purchasing Hilton Head condos for sale, there is the need to choose an experienced real estate agent who has the proper knowledge of the neighborhood and as such can give first-hand information on the suitability of the area based on your lifestyle, choices and family size. A real estate agent will save you the stress and regret which may later arise as a result of the choice of an improper or ill-fitting neighborhood. For families, choosing a neighborhood with lower crime rates, and a higher number of schools and other facilities should be an addition which your Hilton Head real estate agent should offer.

Price Guidance

When choosing from the available Hilton Head homes for sale, there is the chance that you may be exposed to overpriced properties. Hiring a qualified and professional real estate agent however saves you from spending more than you ought to on a property as they are well informed and updated about the current market trends and prices thus helping you beat down the price at which the property is offered.

Market Conditions Information

A professional real estate agent is updated with the newest properties on the market and the prices for which they are available and as such, boast of information which will help buyers reduce the stress associated with home scouting and negotiations.

Professional Networking

A real estate agent who has experience in the business is expected to boast of a wide range of networks with contractors, insurance companies and other professionals thus making it easy for clients to get the best contractors to work on their new homes. For persons moving into a new neighborhood, it is possible that your real estate agent is your guide for choosing the best contractors for bringing your home up to personal taste.

Negotiation Skills & Confidentiality

Negotiating prices with home sellers can be tough as an individual but real estate agents are trained in the art of negotiation thus helping you get the best choice of home for the best possible price and saving you an extra.


For more information on how we can benefit you, visit us at https://www.oceanfronthhi.com

Why You Should Contact A Real Estate Agent Today

Are you in need of a Sea Pines real estate agent?

Then, you are in the right place.

Whenever people are looking to buy a house, many people are always left stranded as they don’t know where to go to. The truth is that even though it is not compulsory to get a real estate agent, it will benefit you if you contact one.

However, when you decide to buy one of the Sea Pine homes for sale, you should consider hiring a professional real estate agent because they provide the following:


  • They Think Outside the box


When you decide to do it all by yourself, you are likely to miss some important features like the pipes, the roof and other important questions. However, it is the job of a professional real estate agent to find answers to those important areas. In fact, your agent might go a little bit deep and try to investigate about the quietness of the neighborhood, the presence of families with children on the street, types of schools in the area, crime prevalence and other difficult-to-research concerns. It is more than just finding the perfect home with the perfect size.


  • They Are Familiar With The Market


Of course, you are good to go to the do the negotiation yourself. But, won’t you gain higher when you hire someone that already has knowledge about how things flow in the market? Professional real estate agents are known to have a first-hand information about market data and this will help to provide all necessary answers to your questions. They will help you get the best home at an affordable price. They know the market more than you.


  • They Know The Right Price For You


You might have searched the internet and be inquisitive about the varying prices tagged with the houses. When you contact a professional real estate agent, you will have the right price that you ever wanted. When you see a Sea Pine Condo for sale, you should contact a real estate agent in order to get the best one for you.


  • They Are Cosmopolitan


Buying a home in Sea Pine require the service of a professional Sea Pine Hilton Head Estate agent that is well connected with other trusted business professionals. Professionals like inspectors, lawyers, lenders, contractor etc. are important personnel you should be connected to have the best home you wanted.


  • They Are Highly Experienced


One of the major issues that a buyer will always encounter during home hunting is to be able to identify where appropriate repair should be done. This will be a thing of the past when you hire a professional real estate agent to do the work for you. He or she will not only locate repairs but will also recommend other professionals like home inspectors to have a good investigation of the home.

Hunting and the purchase of properties like condos, homes etc. is not a do-it-yourself job as it requires a lot of professionalism. And that is why you should consult professional real estate agents like Sea Pine Realty in order to have the best home ever.


For more information on how Sea Pine Realty can be the right fit for you, visit https://www.oceanfronthhi.com/hilton-head-island/sea-pines/



Night Heron Villas
Hilton Head For Sale

Tucked just inside the Sea Pines Ocean Gate are Night Heron Villas Hilton Head For Sale and they are the first complex on the right-hand side just across N Sea Pines Drive from the beach walkway.

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