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10 Activities to Do with Your Kids in Forest Beach

Fun Hilton Head Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Family time creates some of the best memories you and your children will have. While living or visiting Hilton Head Island, kids are usually excited when they finally get to the beach. At the same time, you are probably also looking forward to some much needed time off work and in the sun. But, without enough activities planned, your beach getaway can quickly devolve.

Kids aren’t always content with sitting on the beach, and things can get difficult when boredom sets in. You don’t have to admit defeat and sit your children in front of the TV. There are plenty of activities to do in and around the Forest Beach real estate. In no time, your children will be happy campers again. And, so will you.

1. Bicycling

The entire Hilton Head Island is excellent for bicycling. The vast majority of the roads are smoothly paved and well-maintained, and many have either bike lanes or wide sidewalks. If you’d like to stay on the beach, you can rent beach bicycles with extra-wide tires.

You could also rent road bikes and tour a larger portion of the island. You can certainly find a bike rental shop near your accommodations. However, many of the hotels and resorts on Hilton Head Island offer bike rentals on-site. An added bonus of bicycling? It’s tiring enough to tucker out even the most energetic kids.

2. Segway Tours

If you or your children aren’t in the mood to burn some calories bicycling, you can still tour the island. Consider taking a Segway tour. This will be pricier than a bicycle tour, and you’ll likely need to book in advance, but it’s another great way to see the island.

segway tours

Segways are fascinating to many children (and adults!) and will provide an experience your children can tell their friends. It’ll also conserve your energy for more adventures later in the day.

3. Dolphin and Alligator Tours

Taking a boat tour will give you a view of wildlife that you could never catch from the beach. Hilton Head Island is surrounded by thriving marine life, including dolphins, whales, and manatees.

Some boat tours focus on one specific animal, such as dolphins or alligators. Others aim to give participants a more varied tour, looking for everything from whales to sea turtles. Book in advance to make sure you get a seat.

4. Parasailing

Older and adventurous children can catch some thrill and some air by parasailing. To parasail, you’ll be attached to a harness and a kite. Then, you’ll be towed behind a boat until the kite catches air and pulls you up into the sky. From your height, you’ll get a fantastic view of the island and of the ocean. Of course, this activity isn’t suited for children or adults who are afraid of heights. But, for the thrill-seekers out there, parasailing is an ideal beach activity.

parasailing hilton head

5. Ziplining

If parasailing wasn’t enough of a thrill for you, take a zip line trip. Ziplining may not be your first thought on a beach vacation, but it can give a welcome break to baking in the sun. This activity is also not for those who are afraid of heights. If heights don’t bother you or your children, ziplining is an exciting activity. Some aerial parks also have unique twists on ziplining, such as obstacle courses.

6. Shopping and Dining

Rainy days can be disappointing when you’re on vacation. But don’t stay cooped up in your hotel room. Instead, head into town. There are a wide variety of shops on Hilton Head Island, with everything from clothes to knickknacks. Even if you aren’t planning on buying anything, browsing the stores can be a welcome distraction until the sun comes back out.

If it’s around meal time, head to one of the many restaurants on the island. Seafood, of course, is popular on the island, and many seafood restaurants are right on the water. If nothing on the island sounds appealing to you, remember that the mainland is just a short drive away.

7. Harbour Town Lighthouse

The nearby Harbour Town Lighthouse also makes for a great rainy-day activity. The lighthouse is red and white striped, like a candy cane, and is a popular tourist attraction. Take a tour of the lighthouse itself, or through the attached museum.

The museum features the history of Hilton Head Island, including the Civil War era and before. If the sun has come back out by the time you’re done in the lighthouse, head down to the Harbour Town Marina and take a look at some of the oversized yachts.

lighthouse hilton head

8. Helicopter Tours

Haven’t gotten your fill of aerial thrill? Book a helicopter tour. You’ve seen the island from the ground level, and possibly from the ocean as well. But have you seen it from this high up? Even younger children can participate in helicopter tours, which offer a unique view of the island.

Although it’ll be a bit pricier than other tours, your children will be talking about the tour for days afterward. And you might be, too.

9. Mini Golf

For a more relaxed activity, try mini golf. This is a classic, and often a crowd-pleaser for children of all ages. There is a multitude of mini-golf courses on Hilton Head Island, and there might even be one within walking distance of your hotel or restaurant. Mini golf makes for a great evening activity and can be followed up with a walk on the beach or to a local ice cream shop.

10. Walking and Hiking

When people think of Hilton Head Island, they typically think of the beaches or golf courses. But the island has more than just that. Much of the inland section is wooded, which provides great opportunities for walking and hiking. For outdoorsy children and parents, a walk through the forest can be a happy compromise on a beach vacation.

Whether you live on the island or are just visiting, there’s no reason you or your kids should get bored. With these 10 activities in Forest Beach, you can stay entertained and engaged all year long. For more information on buying property in Hilton Head Island, contact our team at Ocean Front HHI. We will be happy to show you around some beautiful homes and condos on the island.


North Forest Beach – The Seacrest Villas

In working with another client, I have stumbled upon two villa properties that offer EXCEPTIONAL income production, some discount from current market (more with the third floor unit than the fourth floor unit), and significant discount from historic high exhibited by the pricing on both. If you have even a remote interest in this kind of property, they are worth a close look.

This is the view from the balcony of the third floor unit over Coligny Beach and read-down further to see financial data:Coligny Beach 06012014

Unit 3304                                Unit 3404

Bedrooms:                            2                                              2
Baths:                                   2                                               2
Sq Ft:                                    1,453                                       1,453
Regime fee:                           $708                                        $708
Property Tax:                          $8,481                                     $8,481

Gross Income:                       $67,500                                   TBA (I would expect $75,000+)

List Price:                               $749,000                                  $899,000

Last Sale:                               $715,000 (1/27/2012)               $715,000 (1/27/2012)
Current Owner Paid:            $1,100,000 (4/29/2005)            $1,050,000 (12/18/2006)
2005 Market High:                 $1,100,000 (4/29/2005)            $1,100,000 ( 4/29/2005)

Projected Sales Price:              $700,000                                   $800,000

The first reason to buy is that these units generate nearly 10% of what I project to be the acquisition cost for each, when the market norm is about 5%. Unit 3304 is advertising $67,561 gross rental income for 2013, 2012 was $63,793 and 2011 was $58,433, and $59,184 so far this year. Unit 3404 does not yet have the numbers attached to it, but I bet they are the same or better. At this level of gross income, the projection is that each of the units would earn substantially over monthly and annual costs so as have the ability to substantially retire the expense of any reasonable existing mortgage (at 75% LTV or lower) – and that is highly unusual. I do not know what would beat these units as far as cash on cash return – in fact, one unit in this building 3 Sea Crest is supposed to be doing 48 weeks.

The second reason to buy is that they are listed at 68% and 82% of the market high for each – near-foreclosure pricing that you only found at the bottom and do not often find anymore – and a successful sales contract would typically be at a discount to list price – making the probability that there is plenty of room for capital gain very high.

The third reason to buy is that unit 3304 might beat the last sale in terms of discount – unit 3404 is unlikely to do that and should be discounted more from list than 3304 – however, is still an excellent buy in terms of the revenue that it will generate as a function of the sales price and the expected appreciation over the next several years. Rental income details are likely to be available tomorrow, and I am sorry to not have them available now – it is a brand new listing that does not yet have complete information advertised by the listing agent.

3304 The Sea Crest on www.ThePattisallGroup.com:

3404 The Sea Crest on www.ThePattisallGroup.com:

Here is unit 3304 as advertised on the Vacation Company web site:


Reply or call me on the cell if you are inclined to consider and would like to discuss – 843-304-9590.

North Forest Beach Villas – Ocean Front HHI

North Forest Beach Villas

North Forest Beach as seen from third floor of the Sea Crest – Building 3

North Forest Beach Villas

A spectacular view of Coligny Beach as seen from third floor of the Sea Crest – Building 3 which is directly on the ocean front.

OceanFrontHHI just came across a couple of villas on North Forest Beach near Coligny Circle, Hilton Head Island, SC which generate nearly ten percent of their respective projected purchase prices in annual gross income from rentals.

If you want to enjoy the luxury of ocean front living and are interested in finding a property that is largely subsidized, then one of the beach front rental villas on North Forest Beach is a strong candidate in your search.  Coligny Beach, of course, is the largest tourist mecca on Hilton Head Island, SC every year with a myriad of single family residential and condominium properties both on- and off- the ocean to choose from – something for virtually everybody.

There are homes on the ocean side of North Forest Beach Drive which are generally $1M or more in good condition, and there are homes on the ‘land’-side of North Forest Beach Drive which can be had for well below $1M, but still provide handsome rental income.

The villa properties on North Forest Beach include the direct ocean front Sea Crest Villas that were constructed in 1998 which are 1, 2, and 3 bedroom villas in buildings 1, 2, and 3 which start paralell to the street back from the ocean and then migrate to direct ocean front.  The North Shore Place Villas complex is across North Forest Beach Drive from the ocean and has 2 and 3 bedroom villas that are also very nice, having been built in 2001.  Finally, The Breakers is a complex of 1-bedroom villas behind the Beach Market at Coligny Circle, some of which have direct ocean view and some have a side-view of the beach.

For further information on these properties, please reply to OceanFrontHHI@gmail.com, search on www.OceanFrontHHI.com and/or call me at 843-304-9590 today!



Night Heron Villas
Hilton Head For Sale

Tucked just inside the Sea Pines Ocean Gate are Night Heron Villas Hilton Head For Sale and they are the first complex on the right-hand side just across N Sea Pines Drive from the beach walkway.

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