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Our Guide to Hilton Head Island: The Communities

November 19, 2018 12 Comments

Mid-Island Beach Real Estate While the island has been inhabited for thousands of years, it’s development as a modern resort town only began when the first plot was sold in 1958. Preserving nature and developing communities has been at the heart of all planning since then and today this South Carolina hot-spot boa... Read More

Ten Tips for Cutting Home Ownership Costs This Year

November 5, 2018 12 Comments

Mid-Island Beach Real Estate Owning a home is expensive. From the time you start planning to buy a home until long after you’ve moved in, there are a myriad of ongoing costs. The down payment, insurance and taxes all start before you even take possession. Then you have moving expenses, mortgage payments, bills and... Read More

How to Create a Home Maintenance Checklist

October 22, 2018 12 Comments

Mid-Island Beach Real Estate Everybody invariably has a list of things they need to accomplish, whether it’s weekly, monthly, annually, or even daily. We make grocery lists to restock the fridge and pantries, we get routine oil changes in our cars, and we visit the dentist or other health practitioners every so of... Read More

Ten Common Things You Need to Fix When Buying a Home

October 8, 2018 12 Comments

Mid-Island Beach Real Estate Whether you’re buying a home that fits into a historical category or one that’s been constructed during your lifetime, it is important to understand that repairs are all a part of making this purchase. As expected, older homes usually bring the need for more repairs, but this isn’t... Read More

The Benefits of Choosing a Beach Front Home for Your Dream House

September 24, 2018 12 Comments

Mid-Island Beach Real Estate If you could own a home anywhere in the world, where would it be? For many people, the prospect of owning a beachfront property is idyllic. The good news is that owning your dream may be more achievable than you think! In this article, we’ll look at the key benefits of choosing a beach... Read More

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